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As you know, facing a new collection is a challenge. There are thousands of details that you have to leave and that encompass from a palette of colors, inspiration, materials, a concept ... all equally important. With this entry we want to show a bit of this process, from the first ideas to the result.rombolargoalto

The concept 

There is a common element in all our collections and it is usually that we always start from similar concepts such as freedom, femininity, bohemianism ... This year we wanted to show again a feminine, wild and free attitude. At the aesthetic level we always work from images that serve as a reference and that are worth to communicate with the team that will make the shooting. These are the photos from which we started: palm trees, flowers, turquoise waters and surf days. BcD   LINE

Materials and colors

Once we have clear the concept and colors that this asks us, we go to review the materials, the color chart and the different textures to see if we fit everything. We make tests, shuffle different equipment options between the whole team ...   2 65 431


Shooting Team

After having the design process closed and with the first prototypes, the next step is to choose the campaign team, the locations and the model. After many years, all our campaigns were carried out in Byron Bay, Australia, since it is a place we know, and we feel 100% identified. Their colors, their beaches ... and the locations they give us are really the spirit Layer Boots. We also have the contact of the wonderful photographer Mel Carrero, who knows how to capture like anybody the bohemian and natural spirit that we look for.  On the other hand, makeup and hair we leave it in the hands of our friend Luciana Rose, who does wonders ... And finally the model we have chosen this year is the beautiful Maddy Relph, the visible face of our beautiful Island.modelo   LINE  

The result

And after the day of shooting, we received the images from Mel and as always, the result seemed incredible. You can see the whole campaign in our lookbook. We leave you a few in the meantime ... jjjj2jj3     "All of nature wild and free this is where I long to be La isla bonita"     LINE

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