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Mykonos, the rocky island in the heart of the Cyclades would be our equivalent to Ibiza, full of turquoise beaches, glamor and a fantastic bohemian and festive atmosphere.

1Mykonos, the island climbing in the heart of the Cyclades would be our equivalent to Ibiza, full of turquoise beaches, glamour and a fantastic bohemian atmosphere. In summer is crowded by hundreds of tourists, but if you know where to move you can enjoy an unforgettable getaway. The island is characterized by its narrow cobbled streets, balconies full of flowers and vibrant white. Each corner has something special that falls in love at the first moment

What to do in Mykonos?

Although it isn't the largest island of the so-called cyclades, Mykonos has everything to be a tourist paradise: Mediterranean architecture full of multiple colors, many beaches, and hidden coves   (recommend the south face, such as Agios Ioannis where the wind is softer and makes the stay more pleasant), its more than 300 churches and their mills. Aalso worth visiting the old abandoned lighthouse called Armenistis because of the surrounding landscape and the spectacular views.   2    


gThe food, Mediterranean, very similar to ours will make taste the traditional meze, different delicacies that include cheeses, sausages, olives and other specialties, accompanied by the everlasting ouzo (traditional Greek liquor.) Of course, it also deserves It´s worth trying, as in any place in Greece, the delicious moussaka. In Zouganeli street, the street of the pastry shops, you can find the famous almond candy "Amygdalota" AThe old town is full of shops and many of them traditional crafts mixed with luxury brands or souvenirs. It´s worth visiting Bazaar in Escorpios (a multidisciplinary club with the best music), Dew a multi-brand store with great clothes, and Jardin, an impressive store built in a mansion.

. bd cOne of the characteristics of Mykonos is the festive atmosphere. With a multitude of options, there is plenty to choose from, themed parties, beach bars and electronic music clubs. f Finally, recommend a suitcase full of cool dresses, and of course put your Layer boots!   HAll photos are inspirational, from Pinterest, Sir the label and Other stories.

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