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Press / Celebs

Laura Madrueno presents the program 9 with our Sun Wedge.

Laura Madrueno wears our Feather Necklace in the program "Supervivientes Última Hora 7"

Ludi Delfino combines her Coachella 2024 looks with our Pirate Heels boots.

Laura Madrueno presents "Supervivientes" this year with our bracelets.

This year Laura Madrueno presents "Supervivientes" with our Sun Wedge.

Mar Flores competes in program number 10 of the Atresplayer Challenge with our Rebel Silver.

Lara Álvarez presents the program Pesadilla en El Paraíso with our Pirate Boots and she...

In one of the program's tests, Lara combined our Pirate Boots with a denim vest, creating a...

This time she has combined our Indiana Boots with a beautiful Carmen Zubillaga sweater.

One of Lara's looks for Pesadilla en El Paraíso.

Another year Layer Boots accompanies Lara Álvarez in "Supervivientes" reality.

Last Monday, February 17, we appeared on "Maestros de la costura". With our West Heel Boots.