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Boho Sandals and Boots, the originals.
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Layer Boots began its history in 2013, in Barcelona, ​​with love and positive energy.
Since then we have specialized in the creativity, functionality and decoration of our boots. All our products are handmade, local, sustainable and made of leather, shells, feathers and antique silver coins and other natural materials. Our favorite bets are turquoise, pink and the natural color of leather.

For years we have been inspired by Australia, California and its universe to create our collections. Whenever we can, we travel in search of inspiration here and also to other impressive places like Bali, India, Japan, Morocco. In these trips, we see the workshops of different cultures and their old manual techniques to include them in our collections.
For five years we have been organizing our photo shoots in Byron Bay, Australia, because we believe that it is the place that best reflects our philosophy. Its nature and history can inspire anyone, but especially bohemian and hippy communities based on nomadic culture.
All our products are designed in our studio in Gracia, Barcelona, ​​and part of the production is also done here. The boots and bags are produced in the Spanish ethical factories.

Layer Boots, the first Boho sandals from the World market.

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